B+ G team

We are a team of innovative and independent geologists having a solid and broad praxis-oriented professional expertise. We offer targeted consulting in risk assessment and cost reduction issues for every single project phase.


Katja von Allmen


Dr. in geology (University of Fribourg)


Professional experience since 2006

Current activity: spoil management for the project Linthal 2015


Dissertation 2010 (geochemistry, University of Fribourg): Variations of calcium and barium isotopes and elemental contents in biogenic and abiogenic geological archives.

Laurie Cortesi Kauffmann

Diploma engineering geology (University of Geneva and EPFL)


Professional experience since 2004

Current activity: spoil management for AlpTransit Ceneri


Diploma work in magmatic petrography and geochemistry, chilean Andes (2002, University of Geneva)

Graduate courses in engineering geology and environmental geology (2003, EPFL, École des Mines de Paris, École polytechnique de Montréal, Université de Liège)

Ursula Lottaz-Degiacomi

Diploma draftsman BMS

Commercial school


Professional experience since 1984

Human ressources and accounting

Camilla Soldini


Diploma in geology (University of Neuchâtel)


Professional experience since 2003

Spoil management support on the AlpTransit construction sites

Geologist at the office of natural hazards in the Canton of Tessin (CH) 


Diploma work in structural petrography of Campo Tencia (Simano crystalline ceiling)

Tiziana Zenoni


Master in quaternary geology (University of Bern)


Professional experience since 2008

Current activity: spoil management for Alptransit Faido, Bodio and Ceneri


Master work on “Die petrographische Zusammensetzung der natürlichen Betonzuschlagstoffe in den Kantonen Bern und Tessin und ihre möglichen Einflüsse auf die Alkali-Aggregat-Reaktion (AAR)“

Manuel Petitat


Dr. in geology (ETHZ / Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris)

Concrete technologist, construction materials tester (concrete and mortar)


Professional experience since 2007

Current activities: spoil management and concrete technology for the project Linthal 2015


Master of environmental sciences/-geology (ETHZ); Title: «182Hf-182W systematics of aubrites»


PhD in cosmochemistry and geology (Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle de Paris (MNHN); Title: « Cr isotopes in carbonaceous chondrites: 53Mn-53Cr systematics of carbonates and Cr isotopic anomalies »

Cédric Thalmann-Suter


Dr. in engineering geology (ETHZ)


Professional experience since 1989


Diploma work in sedimentology (NW-Iberian range, province of Soria/Spain) Minors in mineralogy and chemistry (University of Bern)


Dissertation on the  reuse of tunnel excavated materials into aggregates for concrete (ETHZ)


Company owner

Diva De Luxe von der Luppmühle


Professional experience since 23.05.2012

as Security.....

and truffle hunter...